ALION Project

ALION project develops an aluminium-ion battery technology for energy storage application in decentralised electricity generation sources.

ALION pursues an integral approach comprising electroactive materials based on “rocking chair” mechanism, robust ionic liquid-based electrolytes as well as novel cell and battery concepts.

This results in a technology with much lower cost, improved performance, safety and reliability with respect to current energy storage solutions

The project covers the whole value chain from materials and component manufacturers, battery assembler, until the technology validation in specific electric microgrid system including renewable energy source

The final objective of this project is to obtain an Al-ion battery module validated in a relevant environment, with a specific energy of 400 W.h/kg, a voltage of 48V and a cycle life of 3000 cycles.

A real potential has been identified in this promising research area with potentially great technological outcomes.

Rechargeable batteries are the most used energy storage options and many technologies in this field have emerged recently. But very few research projects focused on batteries combining aluminium and ion so far, as the technology is at its very beginning.

New material

To synthesize new materials for aluminium ion insertion, stable at room temperature for at least 3000 battery cycles which pose no health hazard

Create a numerical model

To develop a numerical electrochemical model for Al-ion battery to guide the materials search and battery design as well as increase the understanding of the internal electrochemical mechanisms.

Copy of Ionic liquid

To synthesize ionic liquid-based electrolytes with an ionic conductivity in the range of 1-10 mS/cm.

Al-ion battery cell

To assemble an Al-ion batterycell at lab scale with a capacity of 500 mA.h, a voltage >1V and an efficiency of 80%.

Assessment test

To carry out technical, economical and environmental assessment of the technology developed considering a safe-by-design approach to guide all developments within the project scope.

Scientific Evidence

To develop test cell arrays dedicated to the Al-ion battery materials to enable the High-throughput Screening of materials on full cell level.


To validate the technology with a battery module prototype tested in an electrical grid where a Li-ion battery is normally used.

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