Mid-term meeting of ALION: developing the components of the battery

The ALION consortium met on the 4th and 5th of May 2017 in Ellwangen at Varta facilities. During this meeting, all the partners met to discuss the progress made during the first half of the project. It was an important moment for the project to assure to meet its objectives.

During this first period of the project, the work has been focused on the development of new materials for the different battery components. In total, the preparation and screening of 70 electrode materials and 15 electrolytes has been carried out, resulting to a lab battery cell with a specific capacity of 70 mAh/g at 25 mA/g, a discharge voltage of 2V and a cyclability of 2000 cycles. Moreover, a model of the Al battery has been set up in order to investigate the influence of various design parameters on the battery performances. In parallel to this work, the life cycle assessment and recycling of the Al battery is being studied.