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2 OCTOBER 2018

Beyond Lithium-Ion Workshop in Nice (France)

1 OCTOBER 2018

8th General Assembly in Nice (France)

5 & 6 JUNE 2018

7th General Assembly in Southampton hosted by the University of Southampton

29-30 NOVEMBER 2017

6th General Assembly hosted by Solvionic in Toulouse

19 OCTOBER 2017

Workshop on high throughput research platform and proposal writing towards battery materials call

12 OCTOBER 2017

Invited Seminar at Chalmers University of technology

13 June 2017

Invited Presentation at 3rd International Freiberg Conference on Electrochemical Storage Materials (ESTORM)

10-11 May 2017

Invited presentation, IDTechEx Show! Berlin, Germany

4-5 MAY 2017

5th General Assembly in Ellwangen hosted by VARTA

23 February 2017

European workshop on materials for batteries, Brussels

12-13 DECEMBER 2016

4th General Assembly hosted by the Technische Universität Berlin


5.Stiftungstag, DFI Frankfurt


Seminar at Helmholtz institute Berlin

29 AUGUST 2016

Invited presentation to TRIMET in Essen

26-28 SEPTEMBER 2016

Electrochemistry Conference in Goslar, Germany

19-24 JUNE 2016

18th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries in Chicago, IL

26-27 MAY 2016

3rd General Assembly in CEA facilities in Grenoble, France

27 APRIL 2016

Kick-off meeting of WP8: LCA, Recycling and Economic Assessment in Frankfurt Airport Conference Center

10-11 DECEMBER 2015

2nd General Assembly at Technische Universität Berlin


WP2 Technical meeting at TU Berlin

19 JUNE 2015

Kick-Off Meeting at LEITAT

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