Basic principles of ALION in one video

ALION has just released a video explaining in an easy and novel manner what it is all about. Watch it here and now!

New Aluminium-Ion Batteries developed in Europe from Leitat on Vimeo.

ALION project develops an Aluminium-Ion Battery technology for energy storage application in decentralised electricity generation sources.

ALION pursues an integral approach comprising electroactive materials based on “rocking chair” mechanism, robust ionic liquid-based electrolytes as well as novel cell and battery concepts.

This results in a technology with much lower cost, improved performance, safety and reliability with respect to current energy storage solutions

The project covers the whole value chain from materials and component manufacturers, battery assembler, until the technology validation in specific electric microgrid system including renewable energy source

The final objective of this project is to obtain an Aluminium-Ion Battery module validated in a relevant environment, with a specific energy of 400 W.h/kg, a voltage of 48V and a cycle life of 3000 cycles.